Advantages of Putting Your Data in a Canadian Data Centre

Almost every country in the world is trying to get into the data centre game, and each one is trying to differentiate themselves in some way. Brazil, for example, is actively insulating themselves from the States, protecting foreign data from American laws and regulations that stretch over international borders. Finland is keeping their costs low by taking advantage of their cold climate. But currently, only Canada can offer North American businesses a combination of security, performance, and cost that stands above any other country. Here are just a few advantages for choosing a Canadian data centre for your business.


The first thing we all consider with a data centre is cost and, surprisingly, Canada offers very competitive rates. The secret is in our cold winters. Currently, the United States puts approximately 2% of all its power into cooling systems for servers. That’s an extreme amount of energy! Canada’s climate saves Canadian data centres thousands of dollars a year in power costs, employing a high tech version of keeping the door open to cool servers during the long winters. The result is money saved, and those savings are passed on to clients.

Another benefit is the Canadian Privacy Act, which protects Canadian data centres from unwarranted searches. Basically, Canada doesn’t have a Patriot Act, so data cannot be seized without the proper paperwork, letting your company run free of fear that something could cause the whole system to halt. Canada protects the privacy of its citizens and businesses, so you can operate with you and your clients security and privacy secure.

Finally, Canada has a stable power infrastructure and an educated populace that can save your company time and money. Canada is a very large country, the second biggest in the world in terms of landmass, and with that comes a power system designed to reach people very, very far away without problem. Data centres are increasingly waking up to the Canadian power grid, which is stable, cheap, and widely available. The chances of electric outages are very low on Canadian soil, and the availability of power is widespread, so data centres can set up where land is cheap without worrying about their power demands. This means more stable service for clients at a more reasonable price, yet another reason why Canada is great for businesses in need of a data centre.


So why would you put your data in a Canadian data centre? Well, Canada is one of only a few countries that can offer a stable political climate, reduced costs, and a system of government regulations and educated people that work together to keep your data safe and secure. Plus, with its close proximity to America, Canadian data centres are faster than overseas data centres for North American clients, another advantage that no other country can offer. With a Canadian data centre, you can get the best possible service and support for less money. That’s hard to beat.

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